Get Fresh!

Who would have thought that a mint scented body wash would be nice? Not me! Minty scents and flavours are perfect for freshening up your mouth, but I would never have considered using mint fragrances on my body.... until now.

In need of some more shower gel/body wash last week, I popped into Tesco to see what I could find. I'm not too fussy about sticking to a particular brand when it comes to in-shower products, so usually, I just go for whatever is on offer. If it's body wash and it smells nice, then that's pretty much all I'm looking for.

The Original Source products were reduced to only one £1, so (with the help of Dan) I tried to select which scene to go for. In the end - and to my surprise - it was the mint and tea tree one I picked up!

I'm a fan of the Original Source shower gels in general, as not only do they smell incredible, but they also lather up sooooo well. As I said above, I really didn't expect to like this scent at all, but once I gave it a sniff, I knew it was the one I wanted to buy. 

As it's a combination of mint and tea tree, it's an extremely fresh and natural smell. For me, this scent is perfect to use in the morning as I find it really helps to wake up the senses, leaving me feeling awake and my skin smelling (and feeling) extremely clean and fresh - which is pretty much all you want in a shower gel!

What is your favourite Original Source scent?!


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