My New Favourite Bracelet!

Brooklyn was one of my favourite places when we visited New York back in June. One hot day, we found out about an outdoor food/flea market taking place in a park overlooking the river, so we hopped on the Subway to Bedford Avenue and wandered lost around Brooklyn until we managed to discover what we were looking for... and my god was it worth it. 

Not only did I get to eat the most delicious ice cream sandwich (a huge chunk of ice-cream sandwiched between two super soft cookies), but I also got to sip fresh watermelon juice in the sun beside the river. After well and truly stuffing our faces, we continued on to explore the flea/craft section of the market which I completely fell in love with.

It was filled with unique brands and handmade items from home-ware to jewellery, and despite wanting to buy pretty much everything I saw, I limited myself to one item... and this is what I bought. 

This is a gorgeous little bracelet by Oceanne jewellery design. Firstly, can I say I love the brand name, and as for the jewellery... well, it is even more divine. There was just something so individual and different about all the pieces on display that drew me in to the stall in the first place, and once I set my eyes on this beautiful piece I just knew that I had to have it. 

I love how different it is from anything I already own, and how elegant it looks on my wrist. The coloured beads are to die for and look perfect next to the gold almost fish tail design. Finally, the two different sides come together at this little dainty diamond where the bracelet does up, and I just think it ties the whole piece together. 

I wish I lived over in the U.S so I could easily get hold of some more of Anne's simply perfect designs.... but for now, I shall have to make do with staring at their beauty online, and waiting for the day I can afford to have some more pieces shipped over to England.

Check out the website here


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