Five Happy Things!

A while ago, I religiously wrote one of these posts every single week.... but for some reason, that habit seemed to slip (which I think is a real shame)! I find it important to reflect on things that have made you happy throughout the week, rather then dwelling on those situations that may not have quite gone your way! 

So, I've decided to bring 'five happy things' back to my blog! I'm hoping to post one of these every couple of weeks as a written reflection of all those things I'm grateful for; so, why not join in with me?

1. I've had the week off work which means five whole days free to myself to do as I please!

2. My bedroom is finally taking shape and beginning to look the way i want it. It is really starting to feel like my own little relaxation space and I totally love it. 

3. I've been able to get outside quite a lot throughout the week, and this means that my garden is looking fresh and lovely - making it a much nicer place to be!

4. I finally got to partake in a bloggers chat for the first time in months yesterday, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Being able to speak to so many wonderful and like minded people is so very rewarding.

5. I've felt so inspired with my blog and have a lot of really great photos shot ready for upcoming posts in the next few weeks! I love it when things come together.

What has made you happy lately?

Forget the bad, lets revel in the good!


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