I was just sitting here thinking of the little irritating things that always seem to happen in life, and thought 'hey, why not share them with my lovely readers?' So, as a bit of fun, I've decided to put together a little post called 'Why?'..... see if you can relate to any of these things!

1. WHY is it that the second you sit down to watch something on TV the adverts come on?

2. WHY do you always forget what you've gone upstairs for by the time you've walked up (the 13) steps?

3. WHY do we always have to start new things on a Monday? That new diet or gym programme just can't be started on any other day of the week.

4. WHY is it that the songs we hate the most, are the ones we can't stop singing?

5. WHY do we buy clothes we know we will never wear, just because y'know, one day we might become 'adventurous' with fashion (but probably not).

6. WHY is deciding where to go out to eat so god damn difficult? (Chinese, Indian, American, Italian... the mind boggles. We'll probably just take so long to decide that we end up at McDonalds anyway.)

7. WHY is it that when you're in a hurry, every traffic light goes red? (its like one giant middle finger from the world)!

8. WHY do we always end up in the public toilet with no toilet roll? (or one with only a single square left....).

9. WHY is it that as soon as you buy a replacement for that thing you lost 3 years ago, the original one turns up?

10. WHY do we feel a sense of panic whenever our burning toast sets the fire alarm off? (jeeez, calm down Tanith, theres not really a fire.... its just your toast again! You really need to learn to cook toast correctly.)

11. WHY do we always make way to much pasta..... or rice for that matter?

12. WHY is it that the day we start a new diet we suddenly want to eat the entire contents of our cupboards... and Tesco for that matter.... and ASDA.. Morrisons... pretty much everywhere!

13. WHY is that every pay day we swear to save money, and then.... wait.... is that a new MAC lipstick?! I'm pretty sure they arrange new releases for my pay day.

14. WHY do we always use the same excuses to avoid sales people in the street? I pretty sure I've been 'catching a train' at least 20 times on one day before.

15. WHY do we feel like the world has come to an end when we finish our favourite series on Netflix?

Can you think of any more? Let me know in the comments or via twitter!

Hope you enjoyed this bit of fun! I definitely enjoyed writing it!


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