Your Room Has Never Smelt Fresher!

Now, I'm sure we all love a fresh and clean smelling room. One where you step into a gorgeous (but subtle) fragrance that instantly places you in a good mood by making any room feel more welcoming - for both yourself and guests. I can't really image a person who wouldn't want a room like that, but if you are that particular person, then this post probably isn't for you. 

Back when I was in New York at the start of June, I became well and truly obsessed with Bath and Body works (as many people are)! Since we don't have it here in the U.K, I was drawn in to its wide variety of products and fragrances, and after going back for the third time (oooops - there was an amazing sale on) I picked up this handy little room spray. 

At only 1.5ml, it may seem like a very small container - and its safe to say it definitely looks it in person -, however it doesn't half pack a punch! I think saying 'small but powerful' is a fair way to sum up this Watermelon Lemonade concentrated room spray.

To be honest, I can't even remember if I tried to smell it in the shop (probably not), but since I'm someone who loves watermelon, twined with the fact that it was ridiculously cheap in the sale, this little bad boy made its way straight into my basket. 

My god, am I glad it did.

All you need is one or two little squirts of this, and a whole room will fill up with fragrance. It may seem as tad over powerful at first if you aren't someone who's keen on things that are strongly fragrances; but this initial hit soon dies down, and what you're left with is the most perfect smelling room that stays this way for hours!

I truly cannot recommend this enough, so if you're ever in Bath and Body Works, I'd definitely recommend picking one up if they're still in stock!


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