My Travel 'Wish List'!

I'm sure you all have those places that you really want to visit. Places so beautiful that they capture your heart at first glance (of a photograph)! Well, I thought today I'd share with you four places that I need to visit at some point during my life.... I will make it happen!

(All creative commons images from flickr)

Iceland (photo by Moyan Brenn)

Many people I know have been to Iceland and it looks like such a beautiful place to visit. I think being able to see the Northern Lights up close and personal would be the most breathtaking experience and one to remember for the rest of your life. 

Rome (photo by Moyan Brenn)

ahhhh the Italian city of Rome. So much history lies within this gorgeous city, and what a dream it would be to wander the streets exploring the past!

Yosemite (photo by Luca Castellazzi)

Yosemite is an American National Park located in California. Every photograph I've seen has breathtaking views of untouched nature.... why wouldn't you want to see that?!

China (photo by Vin Crosbie)

Whilst I've never been particularly bothered about seeing the cities in China, one element of the country I would love to visit is the Great Wall... and of course the pandas. Pandas are the best.

What places are on your travel 'wish list'?


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