My Holy Grail Cleanser!

Yes. It is that good. Good enough to gain the title of my 'holy grail' cleanser; the one I will always go back to no matter how many new products I try. 

The Liz Earle cleanse and polish was first introduced to me by my nan (thanks nan!) many years ago when I was a young teenager, now 21, I still can't get enough of this Liz Earle product goodness and I just adore the way it works for my skin. 

It is a cream cleanser that is super quick and easy to use, so won't delay you getting ready for work - or getting ready for bed for that matter. It works wonders at cleansing the skin and removes every type of makeup going!

As it is so gentle on the skin (made up of naturally active ingredients such as beeswax and eucalyptus oil) you can use the cleanser in both the morning and the evening, and after every application your face feels super soft and appears clean and radiant!

To apply, you massage the cleanser (I usually use 1 pump in the morning & 2 at night) onto your face and then wipe the product off using a muslim cloth which has been ran under hot water - quick, simple and wonderful to do. 

There are many different sizes available to purchase from the Liz Earle  website, so it is easy to suit your purchase around the budget you have - however, even using twice daily, the product still last for a long time so is most definitely worth the investment.

Still not convinced? I'd definitely recommend picking one up for yourself & hopefully you'll be as hooked as I am. I can only say thanks to my nan for getting me started on Liz Earle all those years ago, and to Liz Earle themselves, keep making fantastic products!


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