A New Way To Self Tan!

I'm sure you've all heard about the new St. Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan since its been a hot topic of conversation in the youtube and blogging world recently. I got a small 50ml sample in this month's In Style magazine and was excited to give it a go. I've never been one for using fake tan, quite frankly because every time I've attempted using one, its all gone horribly wrong - I'm talking streak central... so, the idea of a gradual tanning product that doesn't take hours to apply seemed really appealing!

Ok, so how does it work?

The idea behind this new St. Tropez product is that its a quicker and simpler way of getting a subtle colour that can be easily built up through more regular applications. You apply it in the shower by turning off the water and rubbing it in circular motions onto the skin, wait 3 minutes and then pop the shower back on and rinse it off. Job done. You're on with your day like normal!

Despite really loving the idea behind this product as well as its easy application, as with most things, there are a couple of down sides to what seems to be a fabulous product at first glance. While 3 minutes may not seem too long, when you're standing wet in the shower with the water switched off it can seem rather chilly. Luckily, its been relatively warm here in the UK recently, which has made trying out this gradual tan a little easier, however in the colder months, I definitely wouldn't want to set foot near a product that makes me stand dithering for three minutes! 

I really liked the subtle colour it gave to my skin which was noticeable after only a few hours. For a self tan novice and pasty pale skinned girl like myself, it gave my skin a healthy glow I found to look really lovely; however, if you're someone who is far more used to fake tan and want a bolder and darker colour, then I think you would be disappointed with the colour you'd be after applying this gradual tan. 

So, while I really enjoyed using this new St. Tropez product and was highly impressed with the even (yes, no streaks!) and natural looking colour, I think that this is definitely only a summer use product due to its method of application!

 It gets my seal of approval, but anyone wanting a more intense tan might want to steer clear of this product.


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