Who Said Candles Are Only For Winter?

I've always been the type of person to only use candles in winter. The selection of spicy and comforting fragrances help make my home smell delicious and feel cosy throughout the colder months; however, candles aren't only for the cold times of year (although this is the majority of the time here in Britain), and I've recently discovered some beautiful candles that are literally perfect for summer!

So, which candles am I talking about?

Firstly is the Sweet Vanilla and Coconut scent from Primark! Yes, it turns out that Primark make amazing candles at amazing prices. This beauty cost me under £1 and has left me seriously impressed. It smells the right combination of sweet and fresh, with the two notes complimenting each other perfectly. Even when it isn't being burnt, its smell is subtly noticeable in the room you place it in, which leaves it smelling beautiful all the time!

Secondly, is the Peach Smootie fragrance from Yankee candle. We all know how amazing and high quality Yankee candles are, and this one doesn't disappoint! Its super fruity scent brightens up and room, and although its smell doesn't linger when the candle is unlit, it is definitely worth a purchase for the deliciousness it creates when burning.

Both of these fragrances are utterly divine and when burnt, leave the whole room smelling clean, fresh and beautiful!


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