'The Nudes'

Don't you worry, this isn't some pornographic blog post before you panic at the title. It is however, about a gorgeous new palette from Maybelline that I'm absolutely loving. 

Meet, The Nudes palette. A selection of 12 stunning eyeshadow colours that will leave your eyes looking beautiful!

As you can see, there is a perfect colour selection in this highly affordable palette (only £9.99 from boots), and it gives you everything you could possibly need to create several different looks. Its mix of both matt and shimmer shades, mean that you can mix and match to create your perfect day or night look - perfect for every occasion! 

Pigmentation wise, I have been really impressed with the shades I've used so far, as they apply easily and with great colour pay off after minimal effort (ideal for a busy girl with little time to get ready)!

So far I'm in love with this palette! Hats off to Maybelline for creating such a fabulous product!


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