The Best Hand Sanitisers Around?!

I always like to have an antibacterial gel on hand just in case! You never know what might get on your hands when you're out and about, particularly when public transport and eating are involved. I've always used the Carex Moisture Plus hand gel, and while it does keep your hands softer then many, over time it leaves my hands feeling dry... and the alcohol smell is just far too strong for my liking. 

When I used my friends hand sanitiser from Bath and Body Works a while back I instantly loved it.... so when I hit NYC, I made it my mission to get some for myself.

And that's what i did.....

I got ten to be exact; although only nine are featured in this photo - one has already made its way into my bag!

So, why do I love these hand sanitisers so much?


1. They are the most perfect size for your handbag, while still lasting for a long while (I've been using the same one since I was in New York and there is almost half left)!
2. They smell incredible! There are sooooo many fragrances to pick from, all of which are amazing! The smell lasts for a while on your hands, so they feel clean and fresh for ages.
3. They leave your hands feeling nourished and soft, rather then drying them out!

The fragrances I have are....

Mango Mai Tai x2
Dancing Waters
Pineapple Punch 
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Island Margarita x2
Sweet Pea
Georgia Peach
Champagne Sparkle

The only problem now is that I doubt I'll be back in America any time soon to get some more, and so I'm not looking forward to the day they run out! If any of you know of anything similar available in the UK then let me know!


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