It's All About The Pastels!

Since the weather is gradually getting warmer here in the UK, I'm sticking with the whole 'Spring' theme for this next post; because, why not? The spring and summer seasons are a great time to update your makeup collection and add in some fresh new colours that never seem as acceptable to wear in those chilly winter months!

As soon as spring arrives and the flowers begin to blossom outside, I find myself instantly drawn to those pastel shades pretty much everywhere... but particularly when it comes to nail varnish. A good pastel nail can add some colour to any look, and can give off a fun yet also classy/sophisticated look depending on what you wear to accompany it!

Since they launched a month or so ago, I've been really excited by the new Barry M speedy quick dry collection of nail colours. Not only do they claim to dry quickly (always great for a girl in a hurry), but they also come in a selection of nine gorgeous pastel/muted shades! 

Not to overuse that old saying 'it does what it says on the tin'... but these really do! Each layer dries super quickly, meaning you don't have to hang about for hours to avoid the risk of smudging, and to make things even better, it still only takes two coats to get an opaque colour; where as I find with many paler shades I've previously used, they can take so many coats before there are no streaks or unevenness in the colour!

The colours I have are.....
Lap Of Honour - Purple
Kiss Me Quick - Pink
Eat My Dust - Blue
Pit Stop - Grey (not featured in photograph)

So, to sum things up, this collection of polishes from Barry M get a big thumbs up from me as a self acclaimed nail varnish obsessive, and I'll definitely be picking up more of the colours when I can!


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