The Hand Cream I Couldn't Live Without!

Wow. Big statement to make there; but yes, this really is a hand cream I 'couldn't live without'!

My hands get so dry a lot of the time, and that feeling just irritates me constantly until I do something about it and slap on some hand cream. Now, a few years ago I tried Soap & Glory's 'Hand Food' for the very first time, and since then I have gravitated to repurchasing that exact product every time I'm in need of some more hand cream. 

You may be asking yourself, 'why does she love it so much?' or 'can it really be that good?'.... so fear not, I am now going to explain exactly what makes me adore this product.

As a brand, I think Soap & Glory are just fab and everything they bring out be it makeup or skin care is always of such a high quality but for such an affordable price (you may have seen my post about my favourite body butter from them here). 

Now, this hand cream had the most gorgeous subtle scent - which is across a lot of their skincare range - that isn't too overpowering, but leaves a slight delicate scent on the skin for a good while after use. As well as the beautiful smell, it instantly hydrates my hands and leaves them feeling thoroughly hydrated and nourished, whilst also sinking in really quickly and not leaving a greasy/sticky film all over your skin - great when you're on the go!

Still not convinced? I'd really recommend you giving it a try for yourself if you haven't already! 
(you can pick it up in boots - only £2.50 for a 50ml tube)


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