A Few Home Trinkets!

So, if you saw my recent blog post here, then you'll know that once all of my university work is complete for the year, I'm planning to decorate my bedroom for the first time since moving into my house!

I have a very specific, yellow and grey colour theme, because I thought not only would it really brighten/cheer up my room, but it's a colour scheme that I've wanted to have in my room for so many years.

The last week or so, I've picked up a few little bits and pieces I found and couldn't resist buying.... and I think they are going to look fab once my room is decorated.

So firstly, I spotted this super cute 'Hello Sunshine' banner on the cheekyboo emporium website, and I could not resist. It's a beautiful pale yellow colour, and I think it will just be a lovely decorative item to have hanging on my wall.... and a nice little slogan to wake up to every morning.

I went into my local Asda Living store and had a quick browse through their home items. They always have such lovely pieces there, and I was drawn to this little candle holder. At only £1... yes £1, I couldn't leave it behind. I love the vibrant yellow colour and think the bumpy/bobbly texture makes it look textured and fun. I definitely want to pick some more of these up soon, because for the price, they are just wonderful.

Now, all my candles are very autumn/winter fragranced, with hints of spice and cinnamon. Since I picked up the cute candle holder above, I thought it was only right that I got a candle to fit inside; so went on the hunt for a fresh, spring/summer scent that would brighten up my room. This little Yankee Candle home candle in the fragrance Peach Smoothie (again only £1 from Asda Living) smells amazing, and fits so perfectly inside the holder.... so its a win win situation!

Ok, so these aren't technically bedroom items..... but when I saw these two mugs, I just needed to get them. I'm pretty sure I have an obsession with mugs... but I like to think you can never have too many. So once again, these were from Asda Living (£2 each), and are just really pretty and simplistic. I love the little slogans on them both, and combined with the colourful floral patterns, they are just the perfect mugs to make you feel great while drinking your hot drink!


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