Those Beautiful Eyeshadows!

A few weeks ago I picked up some absolutely gorgeous new eyeshadows... I promise I wasn't sucked into the Superdrug 3 for 2 makeup offer! 

Unfortunately, I still haven't really had enough time to trial any of them properly yet and create any looks to share with you all; but don't worry, that will all happen with time, and I'll be sure to share my thoughts on each of these products in a few weeks time once I've really given them a go!

So, what did I get?!

1. Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette 
2. Sleek i-divine palette in Vintage Romance
3. Loreal single shadow in Chameleon

I've heard so much about this palette, and I'm always drawn to the Makeup Revolution counter as soon as I walk into Superdrug.... the beauty and affordability of it all is just too much for me to resist! I haven't yet tried any of their other eyeshadow products, so I really thought it was about time I gave one a go! Now, I've wanted the Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay ever since I picked up the Naked 1 a few months ago; however, I've been unsure as to whether I would use the pinky toned colours enough to justify speccing £39 on them... or even whether they would suit me! I've heard a lot about how this Iconic 3 palette is pretty much a perfect dupe colour wise for the Naked 3; so, for only £4 (and actually free with the superdrug offer), I was definitely up for giving it a go! Even if the pigmentation isn't brilliant (it seems pretty good the couple of times I've used it so far), you can't argue with that price for 12 shades, and at least it will let me figure out whether I'm the type of girl who can pull off a  beautiful pink shade eye look. 

Ahhhhhhh, how pretty is this Vintage Romance shade palette from the Sleek i-divine collection?! As with the Sleek blush I featured here, Levinia also talked me into picking up this palette after showing me all the beautiful colours it contains! There are so many beautiful pinky/purple and blue shades in this product, and even a few more shimmery golden and neutral colours... so all round, it's pretty perfect! I cannot wait to really give this palette a go, and experiment with using bolder colours in my eye looks! I can imagine all these colours being ideal for creating a night out make up look!

I saw Essie Button use the Loreal Chameleon eyeshadow in one of her recent Youtube videos and instantly loved it! It's so simple and easy to use, but still creates such an interesting eyeshadow look on it's own as although it looks quite plain, it catches different lights which make it appear slightly different colours, from a pinky/purple, to more of a soft green! It's beautiful!


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