A Spring Scent!

I first spritzed the Marc Jacobs Daisy scent in the duty free area in Charles De Gaulle airport after a beautiful four day trip to paris, and from that moment I was in love with it's sweet spring/summery notes; it was love at first smell.... if you can say that.

It has a sweet and almost fruity smell to it, with subtle hints of far more floral notes. I've never been one for those extremely overpowering flowery smelling perfumes, and despite it's name, this one is most definitely a happy medium between fruity and floral.

The packaging alone instantly leads my mind to the spring and summer months, when the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, and the scent certainly accompanies the image that the packaging suggests.

I would definitely say that it is far more of a daytime fragrance as it smells light and subtle on the skin, so isn't the kind of perfume you'd spritz on before a night on the town. That said however, since I finally got my hands on this scent, I've pretty much been wearing it all year round, and there is definitely nothing wrong with that!

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