Who Defines What 'Fat' Is?

Be it good or bad, body image is something I'm certain almost everyone struggles with at some point in their life. Men, woman; young, old; big or small.... the way we look is something that is seen by everyone, and unfortunately, something that is often judged in today's society. 

This past week has got me seriously thinking about the way we perceive ourselves, and inevitably, how we perceive others. There have been several factors that have contributed to these thoughts:

1. I've began cutting down and eating healthier this week.
2. I watched the Plus Sized Wars programme on channel four on Tuesday.
3. Yesterday I saw two very brave girls post a picture on twitter which really spoke to me.

So, more about number 3. Bloggers Fiona Longmuir and Tara Costello felt so strongly about the Protein World campaign posters plastered all over the walls of the London Underground stating "are you beach body ready?", that they decided to brave the cold in just their swimwear, to stand up for all women (and men), and show that there isn't a standard 'beach body' we should aspire to. We are already ready as we are!

I have to confess. I myself have used protein world products, however, I didn't feel pressure from anyone else to get in shape or change the way I look. Unfortunately that pressure came from myself, and I felt the need to change my weight as I've always felt too big. These two wonderful girls going out there and doing something so bold and courageous has really made me realise that we are all different, and we should all embrace the body's have. It's OK if that will to change comes from you, and you only; but we shouldn't feel the need to all fit into one stereotypical view of body image. After all, we all have different body sized and shapes, and we are never all going to be the same. So now, instead of wanting to change my diet to lose weight and get 'skinny' (whatever that is), I'm doing it to become a healthier version of myself. 

Want to see their incredible picture and read their posts about their bold message?
Find Fiona's here & Tara's here

Well done girls, you've done humanity proud!

People always say that everyone should 'feel comfortable in their own skin', so how come the majority of us still don't? A few years ago I was a size 16, and now I'm a size twelve; yet I still feel fat. To be completely honest, if I really look at myself, no I'm not fat. Not at all. But for my whole life - the same with all of you - I've been bombarded with images of women who all look a certain way. There's never been any diversity. Now, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that body image, not at all; but I just think, how is it even possible to have a positive mentality about your body image when you've spent your life absorbing images of predominantly only one body type?

Me on my 18th birthday and at a size 16.
Me (right) at a size 12.

It really makes me sad that even now, as the acceptability of more diverse body shapes and sizes are beginning to become more commonly seen, there are still always negative connotations surrounding them, and they are still mainly seen within publications only aimed at a niche demographic. 

I just hope that in the years to come, our children or grandchildren (or even great grandchildren) may grow up in a world where they are surrounded by images of women and men of every kind and we don't see any only the stereotypical images we see in our magazines/billboards now. Surely that would lead to a happier world, and one where bullying surrounding body image would be far less common? 

In my opinion, it doesn't matter whether you're big or small, tall or short, curvy or straight; we are all beautiful, and we all deserve the right to feel comfortable in our own body. 



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