The Beautiful Bath!

Before you start questioning my sanity.... no, this post is not about bath tubs (as wonderful as they may be), it's about the beautiful city of Bath in the UK.

On Monday it was my mom's 47th birthday, and so to celebrate, myself, mom and sister decided to go somewhere different for the day; and since none of us had ever been to Bath, that's the place we settled on. Now, since its around a two hour journey down from where I live in the Midlands, we had an earlier start to the day.... but don't you worry, it was broken up by coffee and Krispy Kremes at a (ridiculously overpriced) service station!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we got to do many lovely things on our little day trip, including a picnic - in which we gave mom a birthday cake (yes we think of everything!) - some shopping, sightseeing and best of all, a delightfully relaxing two hours in the Thermae Spa which is situation in the city centre itself!

Unfortunately, they don't allow you to take phones/cameras into the actual spa, so I wasn't able to get any photographs of how wonderful it was there. At the top of the building there was the most perfect outdoor (yes outdoor) heated pool which overlooked the cities stunning views... I could have stayed there for ever!

So, here are a few pictures I was able to snap whilst we wandered around the city!

  My lovely older sister.

My beautiful mom. 
Trying to take photos of the river, and they do this...... 

To finish off the day we went for a meal at one of the chains of ASK Italian restaurants. This was the second time I've been to one of their restaurants and I seriously love it there. The food is super tasty, there is loads of choice and it's not too expensive at all! Definitely worth a trip to one if you have one near you.

I had such a great day exploring somewhere new, indulging and getting overly relaxing at the spa.... but most importantly, my mom had a really wonderful time, and that is all I wanted!


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