A Great Way To Apply Foundation?!

For months now I've seen so many bloggers rave on about Beauty Blenders and similar sponge applicators for foundation and concealer.... so I thought it was about time I picked one up and gave it a go!

I have real trouble putting any kind of liquid foundation onto my skin and getting it to stay. It never seems to soak in properly and always looks as though it's still just sitting there on top of my skin (not the best look I've got to say), which also means it doesn't exactly last very long, and when I have a busy day, that isn't what I want. 

The original Beauty Blenders come with a pretty steep price tag for what they are, and I wasn't really willing to pay out for something without knowing if it would make even the slightest difference to my make; so instead, I picked up one of the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges!

All you need to do is slightly dampen the sponge and then dab it in light motions over your face to set in your foundation or concealer. For me, I've been using a normal foundation brush to initially get the product onto my skin, before going in with the Miracle Complexion Sponge to just smooth things over and really ensure that my base is set into my skin before applying everything else.

So has it helped?

Actually, it really has!

It's such a quick and easy tool to use and has really helped in increasing the flawless look of my foundation application as well as its longevity! For something so simple, it's incredible at fully blending in the foundation/concealer into my skin, and I haven't noticed that 'sitting on top of my skin' look that I mentioned earlier when I've used this wonderful little tool!

For £5.99, I can't argue with the results, and I'm definitely glad that I finally popped the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge in my basket.


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