A Little Summer Project!

I've been living in my house since the end of September/start of October time (I think), and it's finally time to give my bedroom some TLC and new decor! At the end of May I finish university for the summer, so that's when the fun will begin.... until then however, I'm constantly looking online (ahhh pinterest) for inspiration!

I think I've finally decided to go with a yellow & grey colour scheme; and on one of my many browsing sessions, I came across some beautiful interior design photographs which have given me some great ideas I hope to incorporate into my own bedroom when it comes to decorating!

Non of the images are my own. All were found on Pinterest. 

I mean, how beautiful are some of these interior designs?!

I've toyed with the idea of using yellow in my bedroom for a while now, and after seeing these images I'm pretty sure it's a must! I plan to keep to room generally a very simple and plain colour, with maybe one grey wall, and then pops of yellow and grey throughout to add the colour! just something so refreshing and uplifting about yellow as a colour, and I think it will really help make my room a happy and vibrant place for me to be! 

What do you guys all think of this colour scheme?!


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