Why Netflix Is Keeping Me Sane!

If you follow me on twitter (@tanithcaitlin), you'll be aware that I have been ill for the last couple of weeks and have barely left the house... pretty depressing. As a result of this, I haven't been up for doing university work or going to work, and I've basically spent my time cooped up in my house moving from sofa to bed. There is really nothing worse then being ill for a long period of time. Not 100% sure what's wrong, but the doctor signed me off work last weekend thinking it was a viral infection.. however, being ill for so long has severely dropped my mood and my anxiety has kicked in hard, just to make things worse!

I'm still not great, and have the doctors again in the morning; however, I think I am slowly starting to get a bit better, and hopefully by next week I'll be back to my usual self (fingers crossed)!

Now, since I've been trapped in the house for so long, I have become well and truly acquainted with Netflix. We are best friends now. Me and Dan signed up for it a few months back now... because £6.99 a month (split between us), seemed like a pretty good deal when so many television shows and films are accessible! However, I haven't particularly got into using it until more recently when we began to watch Breaking Bad (a tad late to jump on the bandwagon I know), and I realised just how great a service it is! 

I love how it enables me to watch awesome shows pretty much anywhere - on my iPad, my phone, via my wii, and more recently on my bedroom television with thanks to my chromecast! 

Last week, I was lying on the sofa feeling truly sorry for myself, so decided to peruse through what Netflix has to offer and see what I could start watching. My friend has talked about it for years, and I'm constantly hearing great things about it on twitter/youtube... and so I began to watch Pretty Little Liars. It's safe to say I'm hooked. What a great program! I'm not overly keen on the title sequence... but who cares when the show is that amazing?!

I'm super glad that all the episodes to date are available on Netflix as it will definitely keep me busy for a while! Let's hope it doesn't interfere with my university work once I'm better... I am a media student after all!

Do you subscribe to Netflix? If so, what are you favourite shows available?


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