My Nail Varnish Collection!

I have far too many nail varnishes. Like seriously... way too many! So today, I decided to have a clear out and get rid of any that had gone 'gloopy' or dried out, as well as organise them to make particular colours easier to find. Before, they were all just thrown into one box and it would take me forever to find the one I wanted to use.... not any more! Now, they are super organised and divided into boxes with similar colours. A tad OCD I know. 

 Blue is my favourite colour, so these shades definitely dominate my collection... and I'm fine with that!

I don't really wear green's or yellows very often... but it's always nice to have the option!

I love red nail polish. It can be bright and fun, or elegant and classy!

Peachy toned nails are gorgeous! I particularly love the two Essie polishes in this selection of colours; perfect for the move into spring. 

I'm not really a big pink fan... so I'm not too sure why I have this many pink nail varnishes! They can be super pretty though, and I definitely want to experiment more as the weather warms up!

There is nothing more elegant then nude nails. They are ideal for everyday wear because you don't have to worry about them clashing with your outfit choices for the week!

I knew the boxes I get from my "My Little Box" subscription would come in handy; they've now become storage and an organisational method for keeping my nail varnishes. In one box I have all my blue, green and yellow shades, another houses my oranges, pinks and purples and the final box is for all my beautiful nudes and reds! I love this new way of keeping certain colours together... means that now, finding the polish I want will be a far easier task!


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