A Delicious Delivery!

As it's my favourite place in the UK, I'm extremely jealous that my sister and her fiancé got to go down to the beautiful Cornwall on holiday for a few days last week, and stayed in the hotel they are getting married in next year (super exciting)! I would love to be able to get down there again soon as I haven't been since last summer; however, with saving for New York, that probably won't happen for a while!

Last Thursday my mom popped round after going to see them after they'd arrived home... and she bought me a little delivery!

Delicious Cornish fudge!

Now I know you can buy Cornish fudge most places now... but there's just something special about actually getting it from the place itself! Whenever I go down there I always try and pick some up; although it never lasts long! There are fudge/confectionary shops wherever you look and they have some truly amazing flavours - I remember spending forever in a shop last year trying to decide which flavour to go for... they all sounded so good!

So, this is what they bought me....

 They couldn't remember exactly which flavour it was... but we think it's a caramel/thunder and lightening taste! Sweet and delicious!

Malteaser! How amazing! Fudge and maltasers together.... you can't really go wrong with this one!

This has got to be my favourite out of the three I got. It's double chocolate and taste absolutely amazing; so much so, that I'm trying to make it last as long as possibly by only having a tiny bit at a time.... but I don't think that's going to last too long when it tastes so good!

So, if you're ever in Cornwall, you definitely need to go into a confectioners and pick up some delicious fudge... but I must warn you, don't go in when you're in a hurry, because you'll be too mesmerised by all the flavours to make a hasty decision!


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