The Lypsyl Review!

Lypsyl UK were kind enough to send me three of their lip products to try, so thank you very much to them (extremely kind)! Lets just get this straight; yes they sent me these items for free, but no, I am not being paid to write this post! All opinions are my own and 100% pure. 

So, last week (Tuesday I think) I received an exciting little package through the post, and it contain these three Lypsyl products! I was sent their Strawberry Polka-Dot. Original and Cherry Blossom lip products which are all extremely lovely. Over the past week I've given all of these a go so I can give you guys a full review & my opinions on each of them!

Firstly, I found them all to be super nourishing on my lips, which is great during these cold winter months. As soon as the temperature drops and winter comes my lips completely dry out! It's a nightmare and they can get really sore, so it's been great to try out some new products to help give my poor lips some TLC.

Each of these balms contain some extremely nourishing ingredients to help those dry/chapped lips:
- Vitamin E formula
- Aloe Vera
- SPF 15

So, onto my thoughts......

Although they all contain the same ingredients (other then scent/colour products etc) I feel as though the Original seems the most nourishing and hydrating on my lips... not sure why! Unlike the other two, it doesn't tint your lips in any way so it great for every day use! It has a lovely thick feel and leaves my lips feeling moisturised and soft for hours after I've applied it. The only thing I'm not so keen on about this one is the taste. I'm not too keen on the smell/taste of aloe vera, and this is something that tastes extremely strong in this particular balm. It's a shame that this puts me off slightly... but it wouldn't stop me using the Original balm because the quality is so great and I love how it nourishes my lips after I've used! Also, that is just my personal preference on the scent.... so other people may love it!

Now, onto the other two! To start off, they both smell heavenly... and taste it too! As with the original, they are both really moisturising on the lips and definitely help to hydrate and repair dehydrated/chapped lips. When applying both the Strawberry (what a beautiful sweet smell) and Cherry Blossom (smells like bassets cherry drops sweets) they leave a slight tint to the lips. Don't worry, this is nothing too harsh, its only a subtle hint of colour; but it makes them great if you want to give a pinky/red hint to your lips without having to wear a lipstick or gloss which may further dry out your lips in the long run. 

I really love all three of these balms and definitely think Lypsyl have a balm to suit everyone. Whether you want something plain and simple that just gets the job done, or something with a fruity taste and a hint of colour.... all while give your lips some much needed nourishment and TLC.

What do you think of Lypsyl's products?


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