Soap & Glory Blusher: The Review!

I'm the type of girl who always wears blusher. Even if I have no foundation on, I will always have a sweep of blusher over my cheeks, just to make myself feel a tiny bit more human. Mascara and blusher are probably the only two make up products that I couldn't do without, and without them my face looks pale and tired!

So, when my previous blusher hit pan (ok, there was literally non left), I was desperate to get my hands on a new one, and hit the shops to try and find something a bit different. 

She enters boots.

I live in a pretty small town, so there are non of the big name department stores with the amazing make-up brands any closer then 40 minutes away. Instead, I popped into my local boots store and began browsing.

After seeing this soap and glory "love at first blush",  I knew it was the one I wanted to try next. I love it's presentation, and the colours together in the packaging just look so pretty. 

The blusher has a combination of a lighter and darker pinky shade, together with a white highlighting type colour...... it's just too beautiful to look at! 

Ok, so it looks great, but how good is it really?

I'm generally a fan of almost every soap and glory product I've tried. Their products come at a bit of a higher price then some beauty items... however they are still really affordable for the quality of them.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this particular blusher after using it for a good few weeks now. It really gives my cheeks a gorgeous luminosity and really helps to add a lovely dash of highlight, making my skin look rather healthy... however, for me personally, I could do with a bit more colour deposited onto my skin. 

When I first saw the "love at first blush", I was drawn in by the combination of the two shades of pink, thinking it would leave a nice bit of colour onto my cheeks, but after using it, I think it needs to be darker. The colour it leaves is extremely pale, which is fine if that's what you like, however for me, I feel that the highlighting effect takes over and the colour leaves a lot to be desired.

Despite my opinions, I do think the product is of a high quality and would be perfect for someone wanting just a slight pinky tint to their skin... but for me, I think I'll be investing in another blusher, and then using this over the top for its stunning luminous/highlighting qualities. 

What blushers would you recommend?


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