Oh Hey 2015!

We are almost a week in to 2015 (already?!), so I thought I'd write a little something about what I'm hoping to achieve throughout the year!

2014 was pretty busy, filled with University assignments and work.... however, it feels as though I didn't particularly 'achieve' anything throughout the year. Yes, I did well with my grades etc, but I can't punch my fist into the air in the knowledge that I (and excuse the phrase) "got shit done"!

So, this year I want to correct that. I want to end (not getting too ahead of myself) 2015 feeling proud/positive about what I have achieved, and know that I have pushed myself to do well in all areas of my life. 

There are 2 main things I want to accomplish this year, and they are:

1. Get healthy. This is probably on many people's 'to-do' lists for the year, but before last summer I was at a weight I was extremely happy with, as well as living a far healthier lifestyle and exercising regularly.... however, it all went a bit wrong after that, and I'm determined to get my healthy mojo back in 2015. 

2. Figure out my next step in life. As of September this year I will be in my third and final year of my degree (scary stuff)! This means that I need to begin thinking about what comes next. What do I want to achieve with the rest of my life? It's so important for me to get my ideas together early this year to give me time to organise my next move! 

What are your goals for 2015?!


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