My Favourite Christmas Presents!

Ok, I know I'm like a week late with this post, but better late then never right?! I'm not bragging, it's just that I enjoy reading other people's versions of this post and since I had some really lovely presents for Christmas, I thought I would share them with you all!

  Dan's sister got me this gorgeous benefit eyeshadow set! It includes two cream shadows and four powders (although these also have quite a creamy texture), all of which are beautiful colours.... plus the packaging is amazing!

My mom bought be this lovely little mirror for in my handbag! She managed to buy it without me knowing while we were at the folk festival in August... the pattern is so pretty!

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the cuteness of this makeup bag?! For those of you who don't know, Pandas are my favourite animal, so as soon as I saw this I knew I needed it in my life... and thankfully, my aunt bought it me for Christmas!

I had never heard of a Chromecast until I unwrapped this on Christmas day! It was Dan's clever idea to enable me to watch youtube and netflix etc on my TV in my bedroom! I've used it everyday since I got it... so it is definitely one of my favourite presents.

Oh New Girl, I just love this programme! I have both the other two series on DVD already, so it seemed fitting to ask for the series three for Christmas! I only got to watch half of this series when it was broadcast on TV, so I can't wait to watch the rest!

My sister bought me two beautiful sets of Ciate nail varnish! All these colours are beautiful... as well as the Ciate packaging in general! I'll talk more about each of these colours in a post next week... so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Since moving into my new house, I've had no way of playing my music, so I asked for a bluetooth speaker! Dan bought me the Sony SRS-X2 audio system which is brilliant! It's a great size, so is easy to move around the house with me, and the sound is fantastic for something so small! I really would recommend this for anyone looking for a new compact speaker. 

Finally I have some new GHD's! Mine broke back in the summer after having them for years, so for the past few months I've been having to make do with some truly terrible old straighteners we had stashed away in the cupboard! So thank you to my wonderful mom for getting me these lovely new ones.. they're brilliant!

What are all your favourite presents?


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