2014 Highlights!

Well, what a year it's been! I can't believe that as of midnight, we will be in to 2015! I'm spending it in the cinema with my wonderful boyfriend! That may sound sad to some of you... but I'm not really the 'partying' type, and I'd much prefer to see the new year in by watching the new Hobit film with the person I love most!

I've done many great things this year, but I thought I'd dedicate this post to a few of my favourites!

That time when me and Dan went to the beautiful Cotswolds in February.... and saw red pandas!

That time we spent a week in July in my favourite place in the UK... Cornwall!

That time we went to Shrewsbury folk festival in August and enjoyed great music and cider!

That time I turned 21 in October and we went to the most gorgeous hotel in Cornwall!

That time we had tree top adventures in the freezing cold in November!

I am already excited for all the things I have planned in 2015 and am truly thankful for the people I have spent the past year with and all the things I've done!

I really hope you've all had the best year, filled with amazing times and great memories; and I hope that 2015 brings you good fortune and more wonderful memories to come!

Happy New Year!


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