Five Happy Things!

Since I've haven't done one of these posts in a few weeks, I thought I'd get back to it, and try and post one regularly once a week! I think it's great to share with others the things that have been making you happy! Trying to add a bit more positivity into everyone's lives.

So for this week, my happy things are:

- Today me and Dan are celebrating our third year together (our actually 'anniversary' is tomorrow, but we both have to work so won't be seeing each other)
- It's Christmas on Thursday (I think that was a pretty obvious one)
- I only have two more shifts at work until I finish for a few days for the festive celebrations.
- I get to see one of my best friends tomorrow, who I haven't seen since June!
- I get to do lots of yummy baking in the next couple of days ready for Christmas eve.... I haven't got to bake properly for so long!

What has made you all happy lately?


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