Phil Smith Glam Shine: The Review!

My hair is frizzy. It's awful. It can look perfect before I leave the house, but within five minutes of being outside in the elements, it looks as though I've just got out of bed.... I may as well have never bothered making it look presentable.

However, a few days ago I want hunting in the health and beauty section after I finished work, and I came across the Phil Smith Glam Shine serum (which happened to be on offer.... bonus)! With only being a quite small bottle I didn't really want to spend full price on it having never used it before... but with it on the shelves at half price, I couldn't resist giving it a go!

Let's just say that at the moment, I am loving this product! It's super easy to use and does exactly what it claims to do! I'm fed up of buying products that end up letting you down, especially if they are a bit on the pricy side.... however this has really exceeded my expectations!

To use the product you just have to pump a small amount into the palm of your hand and then run it through the lengths of your hair before styling as usually. So it super quick and easy to use and really leaves your hair looking shiny and glossy, as well as making it easier to style!

What other similar products do you all love?


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