Five Happy Things!

This is one of my favourite posts to write; however saying that, it's been such a long time since I've sat down to put one together! I think it's great to reflect on things that have made you happy, as it's a lovely way to give yourself a morale/happiness/confidence boost and get you ready for what's to come! 


Since I haven't written a post like this I really wanted to have a think about what has been making me feel happy and positive over the last couple of weeks and share them with all you lovely readers!

1. Not only did I hit my first big goal on Bloglovin (100 followers), but I surpassed this and how now hit 160! I can't quite believe it, so thank you all very much!
2. It was my boyfriend's 21st birthday last week and so we got to spend a lovely weekend in Newcastle, followed by several delicious meals out during the week!
3. I enjoyed a fun day of filming last week, with some of the nicest friends from university! It was both productive and enjoyable all in one!
4. On Sunday I went to the pub with some lovely work people and we had a really great night filled with drinks and conversation!
5. Tonight after a long day working, I get to spend the evening with my wonderful boyfriend, followed by a day together tomorrow!

It would be great to hear about what has been making you all happy in the recent weeks! Let me know in the comments below!


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