My Compact Tangle Teezer

For over a year now I've been suffering having to use an old hair brush found lying around the house after loosing mine.... somewhere! With hair like mine that can get rather knotted due to its thickness, this old brush just wasn't cutting it, pulling out knots as opposed to unknotting them.

Last week, I decided it was time to give my hair some TLC, and purchases one of the compact Tangle Teezer brushes, after hearing so many great things about these brushes for many years! What a fantastic purchase!

I spent some time in Boots deliberating over whether to get the full sized version or the compact... but decided on the compact due to its smaller size and the great cover it comes with. This makes it the perfect tool for keeping in your bag as not only does it stop the bristles getting dirty or damaged, but also means you don't get a ton of hair in the bottom of your bag!

Now, I'm not sure how one little brush can do such a brilliant job.... but I'm not lying when I say that it really does! I tried it almost straight away, as after hours round the shops and out in the British winter, my hair was a tad knotted to say the least. This Tangle Teezer just glided easily over the knots without ripping my hair out (or causing me pain) and left my hair super soft and shiny looking!

I am definitely glad that I decided to pick one of these up because not only does it work fantastically, but it is also super handy and looks great!


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