My First Day Of Christmas!

Yes, I know, "Tanith it's the 12th of December".... but for me, it's my first day of freedom from university! I finished my final assignment of this semester yesterday, and now I have the chance to relax and enjoy the festive season.... and even better, I don't have to go back to uni until the start of February (lucky me)!

So after taking back all 14 books I've been using to the library at uni (fun, I know), I met up with one of my best friends and we went out for lunch. It was so lovely to see her, as she lives in London now so it's not very often that she's back home!

We had a lovely chat.... and a very random one as well (we don't do 'normal'), and ate some delicious, be it unhealthy, food! We decided to go to a pub called 'The Podge & Tin' near to us which has recently been refurbished and renamed and we'd not yet tried it out! It was great, and really affordable which is even better when you're on a student's budget!

I'm having a little relax now, actually enjoying a bit of time doing nothing... as it isn't something that has happened much in the past few weeks! My aunt and five year old cousin are coming up from Wales this evening, so I'm looking forward to spending a lovely evening and weekend seeing them... although I still have to go to work!

The Christmas season is officially here for me! Are you all getting in the mood yet?!


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