A Family Day!

Although, yesterday began with starting work at 7am (I know right!)... it did get much better! After finishing, I went to meet my family at the forestry commission where we picked my sister & her fiancé's Christmas tree and had a lovely hot drink!

This weekend my aunt and little cousin were up from Wales, and it was just so nice to get to spend time with them as we don't see them very often! After finally picking a tree, we all heading back to my sister's house to decorate it..... and stuff gorgeous baked camembert with bread and cranberry sauce, followed by warm mince pies! Perfect!

On the evening, we had a big family evening (all in christmas jumpers of course) which was spent chatting and eating Chinese food! What more could you want on a Saturday night?! 

I know.... we are the coolest right?! (excuse the terrible quality, we took this on my moms ancient camera)

Tonight is going to be spent relaxing and perhaps wrapping up some Christmas presents and watching a Christmas film! Really starting to get in the spirit now I've finished my uni work... so I just cannot wait for Christmas!

What have you all been doing this weekend?!


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