Christmas Is Here!

Although it's not quite time to relax yet for me as I still have assignments due in.... Christmas is finally setting in! It's the 5th of December and I'm already getting in to the Christmas spirit. It's my favourite time of year, and today, I decided to take a day off university work - after handing in assignments yesterday and working solidly all week - and make my house all lovely and Christmassy!

Since I have my own house now, I decided to get a real tree like we always used to get when I was younger! You cannot beat that wonderful smell! So, me and Dan spent the day together (for the first time in about two weeks) and it was just wonderful! We popped out and got a few last Christmas presents for people, and I may have bought another new candle.... and then went for some food, and I finally got to try one of the toffee lattes from mcdonalds, which was actually really nice!

After, we went to get my Christmas tree! Love going to the forestry commission and searching through the tons of trees to find the perfect one - I ended up with a 6ft fir. When we got home, the Christmas music came on and my house/tree got decorated! 

Now, I'm relaxing in the living room among the beautiful scents of Christmas tree and my Yankee Candle (apple spice potpourri)..... bliss! Unfortunatley its back to work and more assignments for me tomorrow, but having my house looking all festive has definitely put me in a better mood!

Only one more week until I can officially enjoy Christmas!

Have you all started decorating yet?!


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