Tanith vs The Gym!

So right now, me and the gym have a very on and off relationship. It's annoying because during the spring months I was so into exercise and the whole "health and fitness" thing, but after my holiday in the Summer, things have kind of gone downhill. It's a shame, because I was really enjoying working out on a regular basis, but after that small indulgent break away I just couldn't get back in to the mindset to get back on it!

Recently, university and assignments have gotten in the way (which I'm sure many of you can relate to), and I've found it difficult to balance my time between doing my work, going to work at the weekends and spending time with my boyfriend... so unfortunately, working out has pretty much been pushed right to the bottom of my list - terrible excuse, but it has!

Today, I forced myself to go and do some exercise, and I have to say that now I feel far better for it! I wasn't there for too long because I have other things I need to get completed today, but anything is better then nothing right?!

The key items I always take with me to the gym include, my iPhone and headphones, a small towel, bottle of water, my nike trainers, elle sport workout leggings and a comfortable exercise top!

When I'm there I like to balance my time between cardio and weight training; and right now after a session of running, squats and leg presses, it's safe to say my legs feel like jelly.... but it's all for a good cause!

When I get home for the gym -after stretching out my muscles - I always have a protein shake to help repair my muscles! I have the Protein World Slender Blend in the flavour vanilla, and I have to say that it is delicious. I make it up with 4 scoops of powder, 200ml of water and 200ml of milk; which creates a super creamy tasting shake that satisfies any sweet craving I may have after exercise!

Lets hope that this is the beginning of me getting back on my health and fitness regime.... we shall see!


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