Five Happy Things #2!

It's that time of the week again! I'm going to do my "five happy things" post, and share with you wonderful readers some things that have brightened up my day!

1. I just booked train tickets to Manchester for mine and my moms girly day christmas shopping next week!
2. I'm finally getting a desk which is being delivered tomorrow! May seem boring, but I hate being disorganised and having no space to do my work.
3. I had an amazing lie in this morning, which was great after a week of getting up early!
4. I gave myself time to just relax this evening. Quality "me" time, without worrying about all the work I have to get done. Was bliss!
5. Joined in on the #crazybloggers chat tonight set up by the lovely Holly Cassell of The Persephone Complex and loved it! It was great to speak to like minded people, and discover some more bloggers to follow!

What has made you all happy today?


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