Make Up Of The Day!

Just a quick one from me today! It's been a busy old day.... mostly spent building my new desk as opposed to doing the work I was supposed to be doing! I thought I'd share with you the make up look I created and list the products used!

Base: Garnier BB cream in light, Collection cover up stick, Bare minerals mineral veil
Cheeks: MUA bronzer in shade one, MUA blusher in cupcake
Eyes: Maybelline colour tattoo in pink gold, devotion shade from the MUA undress me too palette
Eyebrows: Rimmel eyebrow professional
Lips: prepped with Lush bubblegum lip scrub, Maybelline colour drama lip pencil in berry much

I always have the problem of my lipstick not staying on for long and going horrible/flaky on my lips; so I scoured the internet for suggestions on ways to help it stay put for longer! I came out with the decision to try a Lush lip scrub - I picked the bubblegum one because it just smells delicious - and today I thought I'd try it out before applying my lip product! After scrubbing it onto my lips they seemed to feel really soft and smooth (which I took as a positive), and a few hours on my lipstick was  still in place far better then it normally would be. Not a complete improvement, but it has definitely helped, and will be a product I'm certainly going to continue using before applying my lip colour from now on!


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