A Space To Work!

Ok, so this may seem boring to those of you who don't love stationary and all things under that category... but I'm too excited that I finally have a desk in my new house (jumps up and down)! After being without one for a couple of months, I was so glad when I finally go my desk delivered yesterday - although building it on my own turned into a total pain! 

Here it is! I'm always someone who likes to keep my work organised and have a specific space to sit down and get assignments done... so having no desk and having to do work on my bed was literally driving me insane. At the moment, I've kept it pretty minimal so it gives me plenty of room to spread out with books and notes when I need too; but at some point soon I'm going to have shelves up on the wall which will really help to tidy all my folders up (which are currently hidden in a pile under the desk)!

On my desk:

- Macbook Pro 13"
- Coasters as I always need a hot drink and water when I'm working
- A little pot from IKEA with all my pens in
- Lamp
- Postit notes
- Stapler
- Note pads

As you may also see, I have a few of the POP vinyl figures on there too! I wasn't sure where to put these, and decided they looked cute all lined along my desk! I only got the Sven (Frozen) and Russel (Pixar's Up!) today when I went to comicon and they're just the sweetest things! I love POP figures and I think they just help to make my desk look more interesting!

Where do you guys like to do your work?


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