Home Haul And Unexpected Parcel!

Since moving in to my new house about a month ago, I haven't really bought any new home items! Well.... yesterday, that changed! 

(Please excuse the quality of all the photographs below! The lighting in my room is terrible when trying to take photos at this time of day!)

I still needed a second set of bedding, so I popped down to Dunelm to see what I could find, and I discovered this beautiful Dorma bed set! How pretty?! It is such a elegant pattern, and the material is so beautiful and soft. It was reduced from over seventy pounds, down to thirty seven, so I got a high quality product for a fraction of the price! 

I then bought a couple of cushions to go on my bed, the colours of which match my new bedding set. The one is in a light green shade and the other a pinky/red tone (although it doesn't show it quite right on camera)! The red one is a lovely almost velvety feeling material, and I think both of these go really well with the Dorma covers. 

I've been wanting a rug for in my living room ever since I moved in, and now I finally have one! With the floor being laminate, it can feel quite cold and sparse in there, so I thought a rug would not only fill the empty space, but also help to keep the floor slightly warmer. I went for a dark chocolatey brown shade to match some cushions I already have.

Ok, so yesterday I got home from university to find I had missed a parcel delivery. I was completely confused as I hadn't ordered anything recently, but today, my confusion was cleared....

It was my little Safari Oleg toy! How adorable?! So, if you aren't from the UK, you won't have a clue what I'm going on about with this; but it's basically from an insurance company, and when you take out a policy via their website, you can claim a free meerkat toy (weird I know)! I chose this one, because it looked too adorable!

It's been a busy few days, but it's nice to have got a few more things to decorate my house with! Once I finish university for Christmas, I'm intend to do some proper decorating and hopefully get my bedroom completely sorted.... so fingers crossed it all goes to plan!

Have a lovely evening.


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