Relaxing Friday Night!

I have to get up a 5.30am tomorrow morning for work (dies inside), so I decided to give myself a complete break from university assignments for the rest of tonight, and let myself have a nice little relax!

This afternoon - after a busy day of filming this morning - me and Dan popped out together for a little while. It's his dad's birthday tomorrow, so I needed to get him a present; and it was so lovely to just spend a bit of time together in the day for once (since the last month or so has been spent with us both doing our work).

Of course, I ended getting myself something while we were out (how does that always happen?!)... it was this gorgeous smelling chocolate orange candle by Bomb Cosmetics. I've never heard of them before, but I was drawn in by the bold packaging... and after smelling it's beautiful scent, I just couldn't put this candle back on the shelf!

There was also a 3 for 2 offer on in Thorntons, so whilst getting Dan's dad a present, I bought myself a cheeky bag of assorted toffee (my absolute favourite) to get me through my assignments in the next few weeks!

So basically, tonight consists of: tea, beautifully scented candles, toffee, friends and youtube videos... what could be better?!

What are you al up to tonight?


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