What Happens After University?

Three years seems like a long time right? But your time a university goes with a flash, and before you know it, you've got to decide what comes after. What happens after you've graduated?!

Ok, so let just clarify that I am in no way an expert in this area.... but speaking from the perspective of a second year undergraduate (with first semester already drawing to a close), the questions of "what comes next?" are already starting to sink in. 

I think that no matter what subject you are studying for your degree, at some point in your time at university, you will question "why am I doing this course?" and "what will I gain from having this qualification". Will it get you any further then someone without?! But in my opinion; you chose to go to university to study that particular thing for a reason - be it to lead you to your dream career, or to learn more about something you love - and I believe that you should never question your reasons behind going to university, or worry about where it will take you in the future. Do what you love, and love doing it!

But what are your options after you've completed your undergraduate degree? Well... there are many! Far to many to make our decisions at all simple!

1. Go into the world of work
2. Set up your own business
3. Masters degree
4. PGCE or equivalent teaching degree

... to name a few, and then there are PHD's to think about! The mind truly boggles! At the end of the day, enjoy your time at university while you can, because it really does fly by.... but here's some advice; don't worry too much about the future, because when the decision is right, you will just know.

Revel in every opportunity you get, and never dwell on those you didn't!

Lots of love to you all.


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