My Favourite City!

Being only twenty one, I haven't done much travelling just yet... although it's something I really want to do more of! Wouldn't it be amazing if it wasn't so expensive, and you could just travel wherever you liked, whenever you liked?! We can all dream I guess!

Out of the places I have been to present, my favourite has got to be Paris! I just adore it there, and it is such a beautiful city to visit. Last May I travelled there for the second time, and thats when my love for it grew, and I really got to appreciate all the sights and culture it has to offer!

A great tip for young travellers visiting Paris: when you're under 25, entrance to most of the tourist spots and cultural places is either free or at a really reduced cost (always a bonus)! Why wouldn't you want to see all the gorgeous sights, and experience the rich French culture that is all around in Paris?

 The Arc De Triomphe  -  Last May was the first time I'd actually been over to the Arc De Triomphe, and I have to say that I was stunned by how intricate the detailing was all over the stone... and at how big this landmark actually was! Every where you look there is some beautiful detail that greets your eyes and it is most definitely a "must see" when visiting Paris! 

Outside of The Louvre - I have never been into the gallery itself, but even the outside of The Louvre is just a wonderful place to visit!

Notre Dame -  I'm not a religious person, but despite this, Notre Dame is an inspiring place to go. We went on a Sunday during their usual service, and it was really amazing to see the beauty inside such a huge place of worship. This was one of the many (stunning) stain glass windows Notre Dame had to offer!

The Eiffel Tower - What do I really need to say about this? I visited it during the day and night, and it was breathtaking both times! Just the scale of it makes your jaw drop; all this being said however, it is probably my least favourite of all the "tourist" spots we visited while in Paris.

Palais Garnier - This is one of the Opera houses in Paris, and was my favourite of all the places we visited on our trip! We just went there by chance as we were walking past, and I was so glad we did! Wow. Just Wow! It is the most stunning building I have ever visited! It doesn't look much from the outside, but when you step in it really takes your breath away! You're welcomed by so many different rooms, all completely different but just as beautiful at the same time... I don't think I stopped saying "oh my god" throughout our time spent in there! 

As well as all the big tourist spots, Paris is one of those cities where you can just walk around for hours and find so many interesting things and places. We walked around the side streets for hours and I felt as though we visited the "real" Paris in this time! I just cannot wait to go back there and get exploring again!


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