One Busy Tuesday!

Hi everybody! Apologies for not posting yesterday; I was so tired, and really didn't want to write a substandard post that wouldn't be worth reading... so instead I chose not to write at all!

Today, myself and two classmates did our final shoot for our documentary (Hooray!), and it was a long, tiring - and not to mention, cold - day! Now all our filming is done, it's just a case of editing it all together into something great (which is by far my favourite bit), ready for our submission next Friday. 

Shot I took on location in the city centre

Our documentary is called The Start Up Yuppies, and it looks at the lives of young entrepreneurs as they make the choice to begin their own businesses after graduating, as opposed to taking a job in an already established company. 

So far, we've already filmed on two separate occasions in order to get interviews and other footage to include in our program... and today we set out in a very cold Birmingham to finish the rest! We started our morning walking across town lugging (very heavy) equipment to our first location, ready for an interview with our final contributors. This interview went so well and we are all super excited about the footage we got! 

This afternoon was the worst, as we ventured out into the streets of the city centre in the freezing cold and rain, to get establishing shots of everyday people in the city! Finally we recorded the voiceover in the radio studios at university! It was a great day, but it's left me really tired now, and thoroughly looking forward to a day out Christmas shopping in Manchester tomorrow with my mom!

What have you all been doing today?


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