I Love Essie!

Ok, so I have a new found love for Essie nail varnishes! I'd never tried one until recently, but now I'm hooked! They come in a beautiful variety of colours and are high quality and long lasting for the price you pay for them!

Want to see my collection so far? Look below! All names are listed below the colours!

 Number 74 - Tart Deco
 Number 20 - Lovie Dovie 
Number 36 - Splash of Grenadine
 Number 24 - In Stitches
 Number 43 - It's Genius
 Number 252 - Maximillian Stasse Her
 Number 77 - Chinchilly
 So today in boots when purchasing 2 Essie nail varnishes, I got this winter collection for free! Can't argue with that!

 (the pictures don't do the colours justice, but you get the idea of how pretty they are!) 

If you haven't tried Essie yet, then I highly suggest you do!


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