Happy Halloween!

I've never really been one for Halloween. It's not something I celebrate or get too involved in, and this year is no different. My parents were never fans of trick or treating - we always gave sweets to people who came to our house though - so we would just dress up at home to greet everyone else (and try to scare them of course)! I love all the cool stuff that comes out at halloween - pumpkin lights, awesome bunting, wicked fancy dress - but it's not something I religiously get into each October. 

Saying that however, I just adore to carve pumpkins! It's too fun! I haven't done it for the last few years, but now I've got my own place, I made a point of getting one for me and Dan to design! 

This is what we came up with. We did think about doing something super cool and creative... I'd even searched for ideas on Instagram before hand, but in the end we decided it would be safer to stick to something simple rather then completely mess up are little pumpkin!

I think it looks great! It's sat on my side lit right now, looking funky. It looks a tad lonesome though, so I kind of wish I had other cool halloween decorations to make my living room look more interesting... however, I don't have enough money to waste it on things that will only be up for a few days now! Pity!

Have you guys carved a pumpkin this year? I'd love to see pictures! 
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