My Current Favourite: Blogs!

Welcome to round two of the "my current favourites" posts! I've decided to give you wonderful people an insight in to my most loved blogs at the minute, and why I'm so into them!

1. HelloOctober - what can I say about Suzie's blog (and youtube channel of course)?! Well, she's a beautiful blogger who is totally successful and focused in what she does! She keeps her blog and youtube regularly updated with beauty reviews, hauls and day to day life, and her posts are always informative but never too wordy... plus they contain such lovely photographs! You MUST go and check her out if you haven't already!

2. Meg Says - I've only recently discovered Meg's blog and I've got to say, she is totally inspirational. For such a young lady, who is currently going through a huge hurdle in her life, she is always open and loving towards her readers. She posts about beauty and things that matter to her in her life, as well as not being afraid to talk about her struggles... and I truly take my hat off to her!

3. EmmaGriffy - This girl was nominated for the best new beauty blog in the 2014 cosmopolitan awards. Emma's posts aren't focussed on a specific subjects and she often discusses anything from beauty, to lifestyle, to travel etc! There really is something for everyone.... plus there are always super cute photos to accompany her writing!

4. Flashes Of Styles - I literally adore Bonnie's style and love of vintage! There isn't much more to say about this lovely lady! Take a look for yourself (you won't regret it)!

5. The tea drinking English rose - This girl love so many of the same things as me! I really love her informative and quirky posts about things she gets up to in every day life. You can really see her personality through her writing and to make a great blog even better, her layout is gorgeous!

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration of new blogs to go and look at! Lets see if you like them as much as I do!

What are your current favourite blogs?! I'd love to know!



  1. This is a brilliant idea to mention your favourite blogs- I think I might do a post similar! Meg-says is also one of my favourite blogs too:-) x

    1. Thanks Lauren :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! You definitely should do a post like this! If you do, let me know so I can go check it out! Her blog is great, and she's such a credit to young people! Xx