1989 - Taylor Swift!

I've never been a huge Taylor Swift fan. Her music is something I've enjoyed for a while, but she's never been someone I could rave about or listen to over and over. She has always been more of a "take it, or leave it" kind of artist for me; but after really enjoying her previous album "Red", I thought I'd pick up "1989" when it came out last week.

To begin with I was really unsure about the songs on this album. For me it seems as though she has gone away from her normal style of music making, to follow a far more mainstream and pop sound - there are a couple of the songs that really remind me of "Lorde" to listen to. Despite my reservations to begin with, I persevered with the album and it's definitely grown on me ever since! Like with most things, there are certain songs that I'm still not keen on; but there are actually now rather a lot on this album that I can genuinely say that I love.

My three favourites are:

Track 1 - Welcome to New York
Track 3 - Style (this is definitely my favourite at the minute! I can't stop singing it!)
Track 6 - Shake it Off

Have you guys bought the album yet? If so, what do you think of it and what are your favourite songs?!


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