It's November Already?!

Where has this year gone?! Seriously?! I really cannot believe we are now on November, and there are only two months left of 2014. But even more worryingly...Christmas is creeping closer and I haven't even started shopping yet! I think I've put it off for long enough and now it's time to get cracking, because there's nothing like having to fight your way through ridiculously busy shopping centres to try and get last minute presents. Finally last night, I bought my first present... and it was for Dan (can't say what it is just in case he reads this)!

Lets just get this one thing clear... I LOVE christmas, like literally love it! I ask myself too many times if it's too early to put on the christmas songs, and at the moment the answer is definitely a resounding yes. Yes Tanith, it is far too early. And this year, now that I have my own place I get the exciting job of buying myself loads of pretty decorations and making my house feel super festive (I'm  too excited to get a tree)!

While Christmas is (and I quote), "the most wonderful time of the year", which I totally believe it is; it can also be a time for overindulging and overspending! It can be extremely expensive, but at the same time, I adore to get perfect gifts for Dan and my family and see their faces when they open them.

I thought I'd share a few of my favourite places & stores to shop in during the festive season! So here goes:

1. Amazon - Can I just say AMEN to amazon?! People say it's cheating... but I'm definitely not one of those people! If it's there, use it! I do a lot of my christmas shopping on amazon, because it's quick and easy (plus means you don't have to fight through crowds). Although don't take that to mean that I don't love going christmas shopping properly, because I do; it's just better when you don't have a list of a billion things you need to get.

2. Boots - They do such lovely products anyway, but at Christmas all the gift sets they bring out are gorgeous... plus they make amazing presents.

3. Forbidden Planet -This is the first year I'll be shopping at Forbidden Planet at Christmas and I'm super excited to do so! Myself, Dan, my sister and her fiancé all love the collectable awesome stuff they sell, so it's definitely a "go to" shop for this year's presents! (Too excited for MCM comicon in a few weeks)!

4. Rise - This is chain of independent record and CD suppliers in Cheltenham and Bristol. It's too cool! Me and my Mom have been christmas shopping in Cheltenham the past two years (I think) and I we stumbled upon this shop whilst there!

5. Accessorize - Because you can always find a wonderful present for someone in Accessorize! No other reason needed!

Who else loves Christmas? Where are your favourite places to shop during the festive season?
Let me know in the comments!


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