The Power of the Blog!

When I established Things Tanith Did two years ago it was a hobby. Somewhere for me to write and express myself. A place to just be me. I didn’t really expect anyone to read it, and I particularly didn’t expect it to help me so much in other aspects of my life. But it has helped me…a huge amount.

Before starting my blog in 2014 I was interested in pursuing a career within the television industry, preferably in some sort of editing capacity. However, as time went on, the passion I had for this area dwindled and I found myself feeling more and more distant from an industry I’d once revelled in. Through blogging, I’d gained a great deal more hands on experience in writing and photography alongside promotion via social media. I began with under 100 followers on Twitter and have somehow managed to get that up to over 630 people! To many people that will seem like nothing, but for someone who created this space for my own personal enjoyment and with no experience in using social media in a promotional capacity, this is pretty damn fantastic.

Seeing this success and rediscovering my love of writing lead to me changing my career path and wanting to go in to marketing/PR/communications after finishing university. I began applying for jobs in February – with my final hand-ins due at the end of April. I had several interviews for internships with PR companies across the Midlands, all who seemed to really warm to me (I got invited back for second interviews several times – hooray). In every interview my blog and the experience it has given me was relevant to questions they asked and allowed me to demonstrate my experience with running social media channels, growing an audience and my general writing abilities.

Amazingly, I landed myself a job as a Communications Trainee one week before my final deadline where once again, my blog came up numerous time during my interview – my manager loved it!

It’s crazy to think how a hobby can help you so much in other aspects of your life, and just goes to show that doing what you love really does pay off!


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